Peary Fox Run

Dry Vermouth, Fino Sherry, Absinthe, Orange Bitters, Pear Cordial*. Wasn’t planning on posting anything for National Vermouth Day, but after seeing all the deliciously fortified cocktails being posted, all I had was vermouth on the mind. I broke out the yarai, and after a few alterations, I came up with this 🔥 little number.

Working off of the Chrysanthemum framework - a classic vermouth forward cocktail found in Hugo R. Ensslin’s “Recipes for Mixed Drinks” published in 1916 - I created a modernized version of the classic using a delightful Vancouver Island-made vermouth we picked up, upon recommendation by @sabrinedhaliwal while we were visiting her at @chickadeeroom.

The drink also uses a Pear cordial that we made using our Sous Vide. The cordial is great for cocktails and topping desserts but also creates a wonderful byproduct…some deliciously infused pears to snack on!

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