How do I use Rootside Mixers with my SodaStream or club soda?

It's super easy! Just add 2 Tbsp. of our Mixers to a glass and top up the rest with sparkling water from your SodaStream! It's about a 1:5 ratio, but just make it how you like it!

If you want to make a full bottle at one time, fill the SodaStream bottle up with cold water (the colder the better!) to the max fill line on the bottle, carbonate the water as normal and then top up the rest of the bottle with Rootside! Seal and gently rotate to mix. Open the lid slowly so it doesn't get foamy! Pour over ice and enjoy!

For more details or to watch someone do it, check out the video below


What does it cost to ship?

If your order is $50+ it's FREE SHIPPING across Canada!

Under $50+, shipping costs are calculated by Canada Post at check-out once you enter a postal code (usually around $10 inside BC and around $15 outside BC).

Do you ship outside Canada?

Nope. Canada only!

When will I get my order?

If you order before noon your order will ship same day. If you order after noon, your order will ship next day. 

Victoria, BC: Delivery for all orders in Greater Victoria are free and we will deliver within 1-2 business days!

BC: Delivered within 1-3 business days.

Outside BC: Delivered within 1-7 business days.


Can I come to your facility and purchase bottles to go?

Yes! We're around from 10:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday.

If you'd like to pick up on the weekend, we're usually around too, but can't guarantee hours so please call ahead to make sure someone is there. (250) 213-7517

Do you offer tours?

Not right now - we're just in the middle of moving into a new warehouse and thus are not set up for tours until 2021. Oh and COVID. 

Can I pickup my online order from your facility in Esquimalt?

Yes! We are located at Unit #3 - 859 Devonshire Road, Esquimalt, BC, V9A 4T5.

Pick up hours are from 10:00am - 5:00pm Monday-Friday.

Please make sure you select "Pick up" during check out and allow one hour after your online order is placed for it to be prepared - otherwise you may need to wait a bit while we run around getting your order together and give you side-eye for showing up early. 


How long does Rootside Mixers last?
Unopened they'll last for a year. Once opened, please store in the fridge and use within 8 weeks.

However, we've had plenty of bottles last way longer than that, so like any other food you keep in the fridge, just do a visual/smell check to see if anything has gone off, if it looks and smells fine than it probably is. 

How does ordering online work?

You can place an order for delivery to your home through our online store. All orders are shipped via Canada Post or we delivery ourselves locally within 20km of our facility.

Do you have a tasting room?

We do not have a tasting room...yet. ;)

A bottle broke in my shipment. What now?

Send me an email! (quinn@rootside.ca) as soon as you see an issue with your order. We will either refund the cost of the bottle, or replace the bottle in question. Please attach a photo so that we can investigate the issue further. 


Can I buy your products for my bar/restaurant/liquor store?

You sure can! Please email nadia@rootside.ca and she'll be able to set you up an account and get your order shipped.