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Rootside Bitters & Mixers

Root Beer Bitters

Root Beer Bitters

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The world's only Root Beer Bitters actually made from real Root Beer.

148ml (5oz) - Great in cocktails or as a flavouring for soda. 

Bold, rooty, Root Beer flavours with a touch of spice. Perfect for cocktails using aged spirits like rum or whisky. 

Limited Release - Made as a direct by-product Rootside Mixers. We take the very same botanicals used in our Root Beer Mix and blend them in novel ways to create delightful cocktail bitters.

Seriously, after steeping all our botanicals in the base syrup for our Root Beer Mix, we take those very same botanicals and steep them again in high-proof spirit to make our Root Beer Bitters! We're the only company in the world that makes Root Beer Bitters as a direct by-product of making Root Beer using nothing but whole botanicals!

Our bitters are made for life on the bar. Featuring waterproof labels, a quick Peychaud's style dasher cap, colour differentiating cap straps, and a clear bottle to see the volume. 

Ingredients: alcohol, water, molasses, sarsparilla, wintergreen, roasted dandelion root, allspice, orris root, capsicum, quinine, tartaric acid, citric acid, caramel


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