18.20% Alc./Vol.

The first quinquina style wine made in Canada since World War II

For centuries, the British, French and Roman empires were ravaged by the fevers of malaria. A treatment was finally discovered in 1633, in the bark of the Cinchona tree; quinine. The British took this bitter medicine and added it to sweetened water to make a more palatable tonic water for their soldiers abroad. Gin followed soon after. Across the Channel, in 1820, French chemists solved this bitter problem by isolating quinine from the bark and adding it to the wine rations of the Foreign Legionnaires. The result? The famous tonic wine known as Quinquina. This is our take.

The base wine is a blend of 2015 Agria red wine from the Cowichan Valley, aged in used French oak for 4 years, this red wine is blended with a BC blueberry mistelle (unfermented blueberry juice fortified with spirit from Stillhead Distillery ). We then add 10 different botanicals including quinine, chamomile, coriander and cinnamon. Meant to be enjoyed on ice, with a twist of lemon and perhaps a splash of gin.

For a full video review of the Kina-Rouge check out: https://youtu.be/h0BX_WcGJ5A

Tasting notes from Shawn Soole at BC Spirits:

If you love Dubonnet, you will fall head over heels for this! ⠀
Alcohol - 18.20% / 36.4 Proof ⠀
Colour - Deep Claret with pink edges⠀
Nose - Sweet spicy raisins, plums and blueberries ⠀
Taste - Fantastic base wine with the fortified blueberry juice just adding to the foundation where the balanced and complex botanicals take over⠀
Finish - Sweet fruit but not cloying with dry complex bitterness in the finish⠀
Best Enjoyed - On the rocks with a lemon slice

Produced and bottled by Rootside Provisions Ltd.

Winery License #308286