Mr. P's Manhattan

Rye, Rosso Vermouth, Kina-Salal and Aromatic-ish and Cascadian Bitters. If you didn’t already know, Stillhead Distillery in Duncan, BC, makes utterly spectacular whisky. Seriously, it’s like silly how good it is. But Piercy’s Rye in particular is something very special, made in collaboration with Clive's Classic Lounge in Victoria, it’s made using 100% BC Rye and aged in white wine casks. It’s layers and layers of tasty notes.

It was so good, I ‘accidentally’ drank almost the whole bottle before making the cocktail I got the bottle for. I had enough left for one single drink. Which cocktail did I buy a crazy super limited whisky specifically for, you might ask? Well, one that Shawn Soole of  Clive's made of course! Oh and it uses just a few of our products. ;)

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